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Sestri Levante – Casarza Ligure – Castiglione Chiavarese

Route status


Length (Km)



by car (with some parts by foot) or by bike


A suggestive itinerary in a different dimension from the inhabited center of Sestri Levante, an immersion in the olive trees, between “bands” and colors, typical productive activities and historical nucleuses of ancient origin.

It starts from Palazzo Fascie to continue by car to the Museum of Excellence of the Olivicoltori Sestresi Cooperative, which also houses an educational farm, with the olive grove, the modern oil mill and the reconstruction of an old oil mill.

From Villa Ragone, return to the main road (Via A. Terzi) and then go up (Via Domenico Mori) to the left up to San Bernardo, through a fascinating olive grove. Then continue along the panoramic road that leads to Loto and Villa Azaro, among ups and downs and splendid views over the whole area of ​​Sestri Levante, then take the provincial road n. 88 and then up to the inhabited center of Libiola, characterised by the remains of mining activities.

Return to the provincial road n. 88 up to Santa Vittoria and then up along the provincial road n. 44 which goes through the olive-tree landscapes of Villa Rovereto, Villa Tassani, Cardini to reach Casarza Ligure. The Petronio river valley begins in Casarza Ligure, with the itinerary continuing along the provincial road n. 523, up to Castiglione Chiavarese.

Continue along the provincial road n. 523 until the tunnel leading to Val di Vara and turn towards Velva. Once in Velva, you can park in the parking lot near the bus stop and visit the center, where there is a  Museum of rural culture. The main core of the Museum is housed in the oratory of the whites, near the church of San Martino, but along the characteristic lanes of the village you can also find the reconstruction of a house, with kitchen and bedroom, the shop of the carpenter and the cellar.

From Velva you can then return to Sestri Levante through the provincial road n. 523.

Development of the path: Palazzo Fascie-Villa Ragone-San Bernardo delle Cascine-Loto-Villa Azaro-Libiola-Santa Vittoria-Villa Rovereto-Villa Tassani-Cardini-Casarza Ligure-Castiglione Chiavarese-Velva-Sestri Levante.


From To Km
Palazzo Fascie Villa Ragone 3 km.
Villa Ragone San Bernardo delle Cascine 2,7 km.
San Bernardo delle Cascine Loto 9,2 km
Loto Villa Azaro 1,8 km
Villa Azaro Libiola 4 km.
Libiola Santa Vittoria 3 km
Santa Vittoria Villa Rovereto 2,4 km
Villa Rovereto Villa Tassani 1,6 km
Villa Tassani Cardini 1,7 km
Cardini Casarza Ligure 4 km
Casarza Ligure Castiglione Chiavarese 8,5 km
Castiglione Chiavarese Velva 6 km
Velva Sestri Levante 20 km