Palazzo Fascie

The MuSel - Archaeological museum of the city
da Paese mio
Giovanni Descalzo

The Library System

The library system is composed of Sestri Levante Public Library and Biblioteca del Mare in Riva Trigoso. Two wide spaces completely renovated, with sea view.

The Historical Archive

The historical archive in Palazzo Fascie is a great source of information for citizens and scholars doing research. Documents from the 17th century are available, like real estate registers and deliberation reports, detailed volumes from the Napoleonic age.

The MuSel - Archaeological museum of the city

The MuSel, located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Palazzo Fascie, in Corso Colombo, aims at safeguarding and valorising the heritage and identity of the territory.


Palazzo Fascie stands out among the houses in Corso Colombo, with its twentieth century reddish façade and unique crenelated tower. Bequeathed to the city by the Knight Vincenzo Fascie “with the purpose of bringing advantages to the industry, wellbeing and progress of my hometown”

Palazzo Fascie today is the heartbeat of the city’s cultural activities, a place hosting history, memory and culture of Sestri Levante.

BuilT at the beginning of the 20th century (1903-1904), designed by the engineer Questa. The palace was inspired by Gino Coppedé and its MackKenzie Castle in Genoa. The tower, completely different from the surrounding context, stands out and represents a symbol of the city’s culture. Its splendour, together with the façade’s wealth, contrasts with the simple interior.

Palazzo Fascie Rossi has become the reference point for the cultural promotion of the city.  The premises host every year different events: classical music concerts, conferences about cultural themes, encounters with local authors, exhibitions recalling the origins of the city, artistic and cultural workshops for children and teenagers. Palazzo Fascie includes the MuSel – Archaeological Museum of the City of Sestri Levante, the Historical Archive, the Public Library System, and the Tourist Office – IAT.


2 December 2023 / 7 January 2024

Mostra “Eugenio Mario Raffo: il poeta del legno”

Sala Espositiva - II piano, Palazzo Fascie Rossi - Corso Colombo 50, Sestri Levante 

Mostra per celebrare lo xilografo sestrese, in occasione dei centovent’anni dalla nascita e dei trent’anni dalla morte.

Sunday 17 December 2023

Quasi una favola

Palazzo Fascie Rossi - Corso Colombo 50, Sestri Levante

Uno spettacolo teatrale per grandi e piccini di parole, musica e danza che parla di coraggio, litigi e amore, unione e separazione.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Un tesoro di Natale!

Sestri Levante

Caccia al tesoro per tutti i bambini dai 5 ai 10 anni nelle vie del centro storico di Sestri Levante. Premi per tutti i partecipanti!