Baia del Silenzio

Intimate and unique

La Baia del Silenzio

Sestri Levante, also called Città dei Due Mari (City of the Two Seas), is divided into two bays: Baia delle Favole (Fairy-tale Bay), with the marina, and the magical Baia del Silenzio.

Source of inspiration for scholars, writers and scientists since a very long time, Baia del Silenzio is considered one of the most enchanting places of the Italian Riviera.

Many eminent hosts stayed there: the writer Hans Christian Andersen, the composer Richard Wagner, the scientist Guglielmo Marconi, who carried out various experiments in the Marconi Tower, and Arthur Vaan Schendel, famous Dutch writer who since 1921 started to spend much of his time in Sestri Levante with his family, in the majestic Casa Bianca, perched on the Bay.

With its crystal-clear water and fine sand, Baia del Silenzio was ranked in the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Beaches Award 2018, and 5th in the Top 10 Travelers’ Choice Italian Beaches in 2019. Sheltered by the massive promontory of Punta Manara and enclosed by the typical pastel-coloured Ligurian houses, it became one of the most popular destinations during the Grand Tour in the 19th century.


The Italian Naval League (Lega Navale Italiana) in Sestri Levante organises different courses for adults and teenagers: canoe, rowing and sailing, with particular attention to education for elementary and middle schools (the first week of courses is free for students). The League has a fixed-seat rowing team, which takes part in thecompetition Palio Remiero del Tigullio, with both a women and men team. 


Telephone: 0185.44810



In 1980, in via Portobello 6, work on the construction of a small marine Mediterranean aquarium started. It opened in 1981 and since then it is now open every day from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Four tanks (around 4000 litres) host, in different times of the year, the most common fish species, which are then released into the sea.

Lobsters, morays, diploduses, groupers, a shark, a turtle and other specimen can be found there. Information about the visits and species available can be found directly on site or e-mailing

The aquarium is managed by the Diving Club of Sestri Levante.


The beach is equipped with a platform for wheelchairs and strollers. A special chair is also available to reach the shore and enter the water. To rent the chair call one of the following numbers:

NoiHandiamo association 3397107596,

Mediaterraneo Servizi 0185 478603,

IAT Tourist Information Office 0185478530.

The service is available from 9 AM to 7 PM during the bathing season.

People with motor disabilities and their caregivers can also access the toilet facilities made available in Ex Convento dell’Annunziata.