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Sestri Levante

Route status


Length (Km)

7.5km, 220 m above sea level


two red coloured squares, two coloured red circles, two empty triangles


a piedi o in mountain bike (eventuale ritorno con servizio di trasporto pubblico)


The itinerary is mainly accessible by foot, or with a mountain bike: it is not particularly difficult and it is suitable for everyone, even for less trained hikers; appropriate shoes are recommended (trekking shoes or walking shoes) and water bottles.

From Palazzo Fascie, start the journey and pass through inhabited areas, very popular in summer. Discover a territory rich in history and charm, including scents and colors, forests of holm oak, maritime pines and rare cork oaks.

From the church of Santa Maria di Nazareth  you climb up to the Island, the military stronghold of Genoa in the 12th century, with the ancient church of San Nicolò.

Go back then to Via XXV Aprile, turn right and then immediately left to discover other fortifications ruins, such as the Torre dei Doganieri, in the quiet and silent square Dina Bellotti. Near the square, in vico del Bottone, there is the path that leads, instead, to the military observation posts of Monte Castello, on the promontory of Punta Manara, and ends at Villa Ginestra, where there is another tower.

The area belongs to the protected area “Punta Manara-Punta Moneglia”, included in the areas of natural-environmental interest, established by the Liguria Region with the Regional Law in 1985. After Salita della Mandrella, you can enjoy a view over Monte Castello and Val Petronio on one side, the bays of Sestri Levante and the entire Gulf of Tigullio on the other. If you continue on the main path, among cork oaks, holm oaks and heathers, you will arrive near the ruins of a military post, currently equipped as a bivouac. Going back, firstly take the marked trail with two full red circles, then the one marked with two empty red triangles, and you will arrive at another tower. Walking along the path with two empty red triangles as a signpost, you reach the top of Monte Castello, where there is an equipped rest area and the remains of military constructions.

From Ginestra, on the other hand, you can go down a stairway up to San Bartolomeo della Ginestra, and reach the bus stop that takes you back to Sestri Levante.

Development of the path: Palazzo Fascie-Via XXV Aprile -The Island (church of San Nicolò, Villa Gualino, Torre Marconi) -Torre dei Doganieri-excursion to Mandrella and Punta Manara-Monte Castello-Villa Ginestra (Torre) -San Bartolomeo della Ginestra – Return to Palazzo Fascie


From To Km
Palazzo Fascie 80 metri
Via XXV Aprile 300 metri
Via XXV Aprile L’Isola (chiesa di San Nicolò-Villa Gualino-Torre Marconi) 400 metri
L’Isola (chiesa di San Nicolò-Villa Gualino-Torre Marconi) Torre dei Doganieri 550 metri
Torre dei Doganieri Escursione verso Mandrella e Punta Manara-Monte Castello-Villa Ginestra (torre) 3,4 km.
Villa Ginestra San Bartolomeo della Ginestra 750 metri
San Bartolomeo della Ginestra Ritorno a Sestri levante 2 km.