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Sestri Levante – Casarza Ligure – Castiglione Chiavarese

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by car or by foot

The churches of the pilgrims

Itinerary on the traces of religion and history of the area, including churches and shrines, small villages characterized by stories of devotion and remains of sacred buildings.

Starting from Palazzo Fascie, continuing by car (or bicycle) to the ancient church of Santo Stefano del Ponte (Via Fascie, Via Dante, Via Nazionale, Via alla Chiesa di Santo Stefano). Returning to the main road (Via A. Terzi), turn left at the first traffic light and go up (Via Domenico Mori) to San Bernardo, through a fascinating landscape between olive trees, up to the church and the remains of the ancient church of Santi Quirico and Giuditta, near the small cemetery.

Then continue on the road with splendid view on the territory of Sestri Levante, and reach Loto with the church of San Giacomo, which in the past was also dedicated to San Cristoforo. Continuing along the panoramic road and the provincial road 88, return to the plain of Santa Vittoria, which keeps  evidence of the cult of the Benedictine monks.

From here you climb the provincial road 44 that borders with the landscapes of Villa Rovereto, with the church of Sant’Andrea, and Tassani, up to Casarza Ligure.

In Casarza Ligure you can see the Church of San Michele, with a short detour to the left after the Town Hall, you can reach the ancient church of San Giovanni di Candiasco.

From Casarza the itinerary continues along the provincial road 523, up to Castiglione Chiavarese, with the church of Sant’Antonio, and to Missano, with the fascinating remains of the Abbey of Connio.

On the provincial road n. 523, just before the tunnel leading to Val di Vara, turn in the direction of Velva and towards the Sanctuary of N.S. della Guardia, a reference point for many religious people in the Val Petronio area.

Interesting hiking trails leading to Maissana or the archaeological site of San Nicolao start just from the Sanctuary. Going back to the provincial road 523, after Castiglione Chiavarese, you can go up to San Pietro di Frascati, and then continue to Campegli, with the sanctuary of Sant’Elena and the church of Santi Rocco and Gaetano, and for Massasco, with the church of santa Maria Assunta, until you reach Casarza Ligure, from which then it is possible to go back to Sestri Levante.

Development of the path: Palazzo Fascie-Church of Santo Stefano del Ponte-San Bernardo of the Cascine-Loto- Santa Vittoria-Villa Rovereto- Casarza Ligure-Castiglione Chiavarese-Missano-Abbey of the Connio-Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Guard in Velva- San Pietro of Frascati-Campegli-Massasco-Sestri Levante.


From To KM
Palazzo Fascie Chiesa di Santo Stefano del Ponte 1,8 km.
Chiesa di Santo Stefano del Ponte San Bernardo delle Cascine 3,6 km.
San Bernardo delle Cascine Loto 4,5 km
Loto Santa Vittoria 6 km
Santa Vittoria Villa Rovereto 2,5 km.
Villa Rovereto Casarza Ligure 7,4 km
Casarza Ligure Castiglione Chiavaresese 7,5 km
Castiglione Chiavarese Missano-abbazia del Connio 2,5 km
Missano-abbazia del Connio Velva-Santuario di N.S. della Guardia 5 km
Velva-Santuario di N.S. della Guardia San Pietro di Frascati 9 km
San Pietro di Frascati Campegli 2,5 km
Campegli Massasco 0,65 km
Massasco Sestri Levante 8,5 km