Interested cities

Sestri levante, Lavagna, Coreglia Ligure, Cicagna, Moconesi, Gattorna

Route status



Some parts of the trail need maintenance, the first part, from Lavagna to Lungo Entella, is not signposted


by bike

From Sestri Levante to the Ardesia Track

The track is really simple, without high hills. Starting from Sestri Levante, take the SS1 Aurelia heading north-east. When in front of Lavagna railway station (15 minutes from Sestri Levante), the itinerary starts.

After a short distance on the seafront, turn right to the river Entella. Near the bridge connecting Via Parma and Corso Matteotti, you leave behind the historical trait and the Ciclovia dell’Ardesia. Continuing on SP225, in the only crowded part of the trail, you can walk along the Entella for some km, with alternating unpaved road, white road and asphalt. The unpaved road is slate black, colour coming from the slate (in Italian “ardesia”) from which the trail takes its name. Between Pian dei Manzi and Pianezza, you walk along the left side of the Entella. Near Pezzonasca it is better to push your bike instead of cycling, because of possible landslides. This part is not dangerous and well-marked by FIAB. Then, arrived in Gattorna, you can have a break in one of the bars and restaurants of the village. To go back, you can take the same road or another one down the hill.