Route status


On the former Framura – Bonassola – Levanto railway track

From Sestri Levante city center, follow directions towards SS1 Aurelia to La Spezia.

Near Riva Trigoso, typical fraction of Sestri Levante, there is a 16 km hill that takes to the highest point of the trail: Passo del Bracco, 615 metres above the sea level. The trail is never on protected road, with the only exception of some parts crossing the city centres. The traffic is not so heavy because most of the vehicles use the motorway. A big part of the trail is in the shade.

Then the hill goes down for about 13 km, until the trail reaches Framura, Ligurian village made of five medieval villages. An elevator is available to easily reach the bike path, starting on the former railway Framura – Bonassola – Levanto. There, after about 6 km, you reach Levanto, where you go back in the centre to reach the railway station.

The path is accessible to everyone. A part of it overlaps with another trail: B13 Var Moncenisio, main road of the Ligurian Bike Path..