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Chiavari - Lavagna – Rapallo - Santa Margherita Ligure – Sestri Levante

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Tigullio Gulf with a 360-degree view

The trail starts in Sestri Levante railway station, reaching the promenade through the bike path, after Sant’Anna galleries (about 650 meters, with poor lights) you leave Sestri Levante and turn right. You cross Cavi following Via della Pineta, overlooking the seaside, you cross the river Entella over Corso Buenos Aires bridge and go back to Chiavari promenade. Then head to Zoagli, Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure to reach Portofino.

The trail is quite simple, developed on Ligurian hills on the Aurelia SS1. It is one of the most popular panoramic views of the area.

Most of the itinerary is on congested roads, with alternating traits.

From Chiavari you can see the south of Tigullio Gulf towards Sestri Levante. The path is on the sea (with the only exception of some galleries). During high season it is usually very crowded.