The Riviera International Film Festival is Rebel Independent cinema. An indipendent festival that believes great cinema must have a major impact on society.

The experiences are those of Stefano Gallini Durante, who moved from Sestri Levante to Los Angeles to undertake the activity of film producer, reaching significant milestones, and of Vito D’Onghia, who after the theater school and the experiences as an actor, has consolidated experience in planning and organizing events in the entertainment sector.
The projest aims to bring an International Film Festival to the Ligurian eastern Riviera as an original variant respect to other festivals of the sector. It includes a film review in a competition dedicated only to works by young filmmakers under 35 without Italian cinema distribution.
Which are the themes and stories that inspire film directors under 35 working today in the world of cinema? What inspires the professionals who work behind the scenes in the technical field? Which path does inspiration follow to create the magic of a film?
These are just some of the questions to which the Festival tries to find answers, supporting young directors and their films with a series of workshops and seminars with famous personalities of national and international cinema. The latter will also examine their best-known works in an open dialogue with the public; testimonies that will relate the different cinematographic techniques, which preserve the value of cinema over time and evolve towards the new competitive needs of the sector, through new techniques and new generations of professionals.
The Festival also wants to attract Italian film distributors to make the competition more lively and to favor any agreements with the participating filmmakers.
Information check on the website www.rivierafilm.org
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