Mojotic Festival is the music festival conceived, organized and produced by the Mojotic Cultural Association, founded in 2005, from the spontaneus initiative of a group of young music lovers and their desire to build a new and different musical reality.

After the organization of live music and the artistic direction in many venues of the province of Genoa, during summer 2009 the Association focused on a summer festival, organizing over 100 events in 15 different spaces including clubs, theaters, beaches, convents, bowls, courtyards and even balconies.
Thanks to the quality of the artistic proposal and the beauty of the territory that hosts it and the fame of its international guests, the Mojotic Festival has gained wide visibility at national level. Panorama has included it among the five Italian festivals not to be missed and it’s now considered by specialized magazines as one of the indispensable Italian festivals.
The event also promotes the innovative “Shhh! the Silent Disco in the Bay of Silence”. Mojotic was the first in Italy to promote and grow this kind of event at a national level, becoming a pioneer of the movement that is becoming popular all over the world. The Silent Disco is now one of the lovest events in the Ligurian summer; people dancing barefoot on the beach in total silence (or almost). 8,000 headphones distributed on each of the last three editions, a world record that no one has managed to counter and equal.