Summer Chamber Music Festival

Classic music festival since 1983 in Sestri Levante.

The “Ars Antiqua” Music Association, as part of its activity to promote the knowledge of classical music, organizes the “Summer Chamber Music Festival”, which takes place continuously since 1983 in Sestri Levante (which is its main headquarters) and in other prestigious locations of Tigullio, favoring stages of great charm such as the Convent of Annunziata.
The event is organized thanks to the collaboration of Mediaterraneo Servizi and the province of Genoa, as well as, of course, the Municipality of Sestri Levante.
There have been countless opportunities to listen to this long activity, which ranged from medieval music to the first absolute performances, from the soloist to the great symphony orchestra, presenting world-renowned concert performers. This Festival is placed among the most important ones of our region and consolidates an international reputation.

Information can be found on the Association’s website: