Bagnun Festival in Riva Trigoso

Anchovy Bagnun is one of the most traditional flavors of Sestri Levante, especially of Riva Trigoso. Anchovy meets tomato and sailor’s biscuit in a recipe that offers all the flavor of the Mediterranean.

Bagnun, since 1960, is also something more: from an idea of Edoardo Bo, an evening began to be organized, traditionally on the penultimate weekend of July, where generous portions of the famous fish soup were offered to citizens and guests. Even today, the traditional Bagnun festival remarks the summer of Sestri Levante offering a weekend of music, shows and good food in the setting of the village of Riva Trigoso. For some years the Bagnun has been also a cultural association, which carries the name of Sestri Levante around the world.