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Pescatore di Sestri Levante - Scultore Leonardo Lustig

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Liguria is a land that can satisfy the finest food-and-wine connoisseurs with its flavours and perfumes, and it’s easy to discover them in Sestri Levante.


We definitely have to start our discovery from the queen of Ligurian cuisine, the focaccia, a flat bread that you eat warm in the morning, as well as other precious bakery products among which we have to mention at least the farinata made with chick-peas.


Sitting at table, we can find a wide variety of main courses, first of all, of course, pesto, a basil sauce which can be tasted together with the characteristic and very antique dish called testaroli, in the area of Sestri Levante.
Wandering through the fish market in the mid-afternoon, when Sestri Levante’s fishing fleet comes back, you can find the freshest ingredients for the most traditional recipes: anchovy bagnun, ciuppin and salted anchovies.


Ligurian cuisine, which is often made out of the simple flavours of the vegetable garden, has also boasts a long tradition of preparing excellent pies, made with rice and vegetables. The most famous one is called pasqualina, but it’s just one out of many.
Our land also presents you with tasty and important deli meats, homemade in the area of Sestri Levante.
All these dishes are, of course, blended by the unique perfume of the PDO extra-virgin olive oil of Eastern Liguria.


As a dessert, we mustn’t forget mentioning the traditional Christmas pandolce. In Sestri Levante special care is dedicated to handmade ice-cream; the countryside produces different varieties of honey, tasty and healthy.
At last, the Gulf of Tigullio produces an important set of excellent VQPRD wines.


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